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Advisory Services
Nathan Bernstein Gallery guides clients through the private market buying and selling with expertise and discretion. By educating collectors about trends in the art world, introducing them to new galleries and artists, and providing personalized consultation, clients feel supported through every phase of the advising process. We are committed to developing strong client relationships. Utilizing our resources to locate art from private sources as well as auctions, we also provide reports on the authenticity, condition, quality and value of artworks. Clients can be assured that by using our services they will have unparalleled access to top quality works of art.

Recognized for his extensive knowledge of the art market from his 30 years of experience as a dealer of fine art, Nathan Bernstein and his staff provide comprehensive assistance in acquisitions of work by contemporary and Modern masters for private collectors as well as public institutions. Our advising and collection management services ensure that an excellent art collection is built/created.

Nathan Bernstein Gallery receives a 10% commission on all purchases in addition to a retainer fee.

Please contact the gallery to schedule an initial consultation.
Appraisal Services
Certified by the Appraiser's Association of America, we offer expertise in the appraisal of works of art for current or past market value which can be used for purposes of insurance, estate valuations, or donation. We provide fair market evaluations on works brought into the gallery or high quality images submitted via email or post. The following appraisals are billed on an hourly basis and executed in compliance with the standards of the Appraiser's Association of America:

Estate/Insurance: The gallery will provide the client with a current appraisal for an estate or insurance carrier upon seeing the works in person (or, in select cases, working from photographs). Upon completion of the appraisal, should the gallery sell the work, the charge for the initial appraisal will be refunded.

Gift/Tax Donation: Appraisals will be facilitated with the Art Dealers Association of America ensuring that the client receives the most reliable valuation.
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